Year of Faith Book List: The Legacy of Pope John Paul II

Today as we celebrate the memorial of Bl. John Paul II we once again have the opportunity to study from his great body of writings on a wide array of topics. Whether it be ecumenism, the relationship of faith and reason, the Blessed Mother, or the Eucharist, John Paul II seemed to have touched on almost every subject in his encyclical letters.

The comprehensive study of these writings can seem daunting, but thankfully professor and author Dr. Alan Schreck has recently compiled a helpful summary of John Paul’s 14 encyclical letters, from his first (Redemptor Hominis) to his last (Ecclesia de Eucharistia), inĀ The Legacy of Pope John Paul II: The Central Teaching of His 14 Encyclical Letters.

Why not use this great resource in conjunction with the Catechism to study one encyclical at a time? First read Dr. Schreck’s summary, then delve into each encyclical (readily found at, and use the study questions and “Further Reading” lists that accompany each chapter to get the most out of your study experience?

This great new book, available from Emmaus Road Publishing, makes for great study material for the Year of Faith. Order your copy today!


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