Why Write a Book for Catholics About Pornography Addiction?

Because there’s a great need for one.

While there are no definitive studies on pornography use among Catholics, my clinical experience is that it is no different than any other denomination. Christianity Today conducted a study among their readers and found that pornography was a problem in 47% of families. Other studies have found that for about 50% of men pornography is a problem and about 10% are addicted to it. Women aren’t immune either. About a third of all visitors to pornographic websites are female and almost 20% of all pornography addicts are women.

The lesson to be learned here is that no one is immune to pornography use or addiction. The daily emergence of newer technology and portable electronic devices has made it more and more easy to obtain pornography. People need to be aware that pornography is an addictive substance. Today it is the preferred drug of choice for five reasons. I call these the “Five A’s of Pornography:”

It’s Affordable: Unlike drugs and alcohol, pornography is free. Just log onto the Internet and you can find all the porn you want without paying anything.

It’s Accessible: Thanks to portable electronic devices, such as cell phones, tablets, and e-readers, pornography is just a click away.

It’s Anonymous: It’s easy to hide porn use. Unlike drug or alcohol use, there are no visible signs for pornography use.

It’s Accepted: In today’s culture, pornography use is acceptable, especially among high school and college age youth. Many will openly talk about their favorite porn sites and porn stars. The mass media and porn industry have also succeeded in making it acceptable by dubbing it “adult entertainment.”

It’s Aggressive: Unlike alcohol that has to go through the blood stream before it affects the brain, pornography use affects the brain immediately providing instant gratification. Some even call it the new crack cocaine!

We all need to be aware of how easily we can be drawn into pornography use and addiction. It’s a drug that needs to be avoided at all costs!

To learn more, visit my website and check out Integrity Restored: Helping Catholics Win the Battle Against Pornography

Dr. Peter Kleponis, Ph.D., sheds light on the pervasive pornography epidemic in his new book Integrity Restored. The book will be available soon from Emmaus Road Publishing. 

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  1. thanks for spreading this awareness. Pornography was meant to be the only way that the devil could get to me. Untill I recently realize that I had do away with it. I am happy now that I am able to conquer it.

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