Signs of Hope and Renewal in the Church: the CDF Provides Continued Direction to LCWR

Cardinal Gerhard Muller, prefect of the CDF

Cardinal Gerhard Muller, prefect of the CDF

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) has just published the opening comments of Prefect Cardinal Gerhard Muller’s meeting with the superiors of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR).

The LCWR has been placed under the guidance of Archbishop Peter Sartain and have been given the opportunity to amend their statutes based on a doctrinal assessment conducted by the Holy See. A mandate was given to the LCWR to guide the process of revising their statues and to provide a framework that would draw them closer to the Church and away from error. In the past, this organization has not only supported and advanced dissident theologians and novel teachings inconsistent with the Faith but has also failed to reflect a proper understanding of consecrated life.

The CDF has worked closely with the infrastructure of the LCWR, with no little resistance, to bring the organization of various women’s communities more fully into the life of the Church. The Cardinal’s comments, delivered on April 30, 2014, are in indication of the progress made and a sign of the Church’s deep love and commitment to assisting the LCWR.

Cardinal Muller’s commentary can be found here at the Congregation’s website. He gives specific examples of how the Holy See will continue to guide the LCWR and seek to correct past errors. In conclusion, Cardinal Muller summarizes the hope of the Church:

In the end, the point is this: the Holy See believes that the charismatic vitality of religious life can only flourish within the ecclesial faith of the Church. The LCWR, as a canonical entity dependent on the Holy See, has a profound obligation to the promotion of that faith as the essential foundation of religious life. Canonical status and ecclesial vision go hand-in-hand, and at this phase of the implementation of the Doctrinal Assessment, we are looking for a clearer expression of that ecclesial vision and more substantive signs of collaboration.

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