What’s in a Name?

Over at Catholic Hour, Leon Suprenant looks at some uncommon possibilities for confirmation names. Leon was president of CUF during my first couple years here, and I heard some of his suggestions for baby names (“Lwanga,” after St. Charles Lwanga, comes to mind). His “top ten” list definitely lives up to my expectations. Here’s just a bit:

(3) Hedwig

No, she’s not the patroness of toupe-makers. She was a duchess, wife and mother of seven, widow, and ended her life in Cistercian convent where she had taken religious vows. She’s not well-known in this country, and she suffers from “St. Blaise Syndrome” (see number six, below), in that her feast day gets overshadowed by St. Margaret Mary Alacoque. But Hedwig is a biggie, and she is deeply loved and revered in Eastern Europe.

. . .

(6) Ansgar

Ninth-century archbishop and missionary who did much to spread the faith in Scandanavia, and for that reason is called the “Apostle of the North.” Unfortunately, the Church double-booked his feast day, such that February 3rd is the feast of both St. Ansgar and St. Blaise. And since it’s cold season and people want their throats blessed, 999 times out of 1,000 the priest will opt to celebrate the feast of St. Blaise instead of poor St. Ansgar. But especially for those with Scandanavian roots (or a fondness for the Winter Olympics!), Ansgar is a most worthy patron saint.

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