What can we expect on CUF’s blog?

We will invite daily discussion on the broadest range of faith-related topics. We will not only call upon our staff, but also upon our distinguished board members, advisors (bishops, priests, religious, and lay), and “friends in the field” to contribute to this effort. As is the case with our other outreaches, CUF’s blog will be a “go to” place for those wanting the authentic teaching of the Church in its fullness.

I will be a regular contributor to this blog. On almost a daily basis I will post answers to some of the questions from CUF members that we receive at http://www.cuf.org/InfoServices/help.asp. Some of you may not be familiar with me (yet), but I will soon post my personal testimony and background to introduce myself. But as I alluded to above, this blog isn’t about me and what my opinion happens to be, but rather it’s a place where Church teaching is allowed to shine and thereby bring light to our lives, our families, and our culture.

I suspect most of our visitors will be Catholic, and for those of you in that category I pray this blog will help you expand and deepen your understanding of our faith, and that you will find this blog a welcoming environment where you can share the joys and sufferings of our pilgrimage of faith with like-minded people.

I also want to extend a special word of welcome to those visitors who are not Catholic, but who are sincere in their pursuit of the truth and who have honest questions about Jesus Christ and the Church He founded. I personally assure you that you will be treated with respect, and I will try to avoid unnecessary “Church-speak” in answering your questions. Obviously this blog is unabashedly Catholic. However, I take very seriously this statement issued by the Church at the Second Vatican Council:

“Truth can impose itself on the mind of man only in virtue of its own truth, which wins over the mind with both gentleness and power.”

So, it’s not a question of anyone trying to impose a certain doctrine or agenda on someone else, but I see us all on a journey to find and embrace the truth, which Christians believe became enfleshed in the person of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

I assure all visitors that we will build on points of agreement, and express opinions and points of disagreement in ways that are ordered to build rather than further divide.

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