Victims of War

After posting my commentary “We Remember” on Monday, I went online to see if other dioceses were sponsoring similar Masses for parents of children who died very early in life.

The first one I found was one in the Archdiocese of Hartford. The article on the archdiocesan blog was very heartwarming, so I went to read the comments. The first person to comment wrote:

“Does this include children who have been, are now being, and will be killed in Iraq? Where do they fall in the prayers?”

After that, the war in Iraq was the focus of the discussion, not those for whom the special Mass was being offered in Hartford. I felt obliged to offer this comment:

“The war merits attentive scrutiny, and its many victims–American and Iraqi–deserve our compassion and love.

“But it’s a shame that coverage of a positive outreach of the Archdiocese to another group of people who are hurting has been hijacked by anti-war arguments.

“My wife and I have lost eight children, and we found much consolation and healing at a similar Mass/prayer gathering last weekend here in Kansas City . . .

“I hear about the war every day in the news. How often do we hear about the suffering of those who have had children die before, during, or shortly after birth? I don’t think the anti-war activists should begrudge compassion wherever it is needed.”

The above discussion aside, I want to thank those who have sent notes offering prayers and encouragement after reading my previous post, and I’m so grateful to God working in and through His Church in offering this consoling outreach to families who mourn the death of their little ones even as we joyfully embrace in faith the prospect of their being our special intercessors.

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