Vacationing? Here are a Few Tips for Families

Is your family trying to fit in one last excursion before the end of summer? Homemaker and mother Mary Ann Kuharski shares a few ideas for families who want to make the most of the season. Whether the plans are simple or extravagant, here are some tips she and her family have learned to keep leisure in their lives:

  • Reserve Sundays to pray and play together. Attend Mass as a family, and then plan something special-even if it’s just an evening together with cards or games after dinner.
  • If you can’t afford a trip away, try visits to a local park, pool, lake, museum, or zoo. Your children will remember it.
  • If your vacation days are few, don’t let outsiders interfere. This is your time with your children. Don’t let them pair off with friends and miss the opportunity of being with you!
  • Children, even the very young, can help save for a family outing. It gives them a sense of participation and responsibility. Plus, they’re far more frugal when they’re paying!
  • Education can be interesting and fun! Even kids get tired of amusement parks and wave pools. They enjoy the historical and cultural (if not overdone). What better way to learn about history, geography, and social studies!
  • Experiencing America’s history reveals the depth of our founders’ patriotism-a freedom they were willing to die for-as well as their deep faith in Almighty God. Our founders and early settlers sought God’s assistance in all that they undertook. If we don’t tell our children, how will they know?
  • Pray as you go. This is the best witness we can give to our children about our own faith and gratitude for all that God has bestowed on us. If possible, begin your travel days with daily Mass and say the Rosary in the car as you travel (nothing like a captive audience, and it adds calm to a car ride!). Watch for the miracles! God will never be outdone in generosity!
  • Visit to find parishes in your vacation area. Be sure to double check that the Mass schedule is current by visiting the parish’s website or calling ahead of time, as the times listed on are not always up-to-date.

From the Lay Witness archives.

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