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Just days ago, it was announced that the Susan G. Komen for the Cure had restructured its grant criteria in a way that would effectively defund Planned Parenthood. But Planned Parenthood was not about to let anyone escape without exacting retribution. Under sustained assault by Planned Parenthood and its allies in the media, including threats apparently organized by Planned Parenthood that major donors would deny Komen millions of dollars, Komen has backed down from earlier statements.

We understand that the foundation’s policy against funding any group that is under government investigation is being narrowed, to apply only to a criminal investigation with a positive finding of guilt. It will continue to prioritize funding projects that can directly provide women with diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, a standard which Planned Parenthood is not likely to meet. The organization says that Planned Parenthood will remain eligible to apply for grants, but whether it will obtain those grants cannot be foreseen.

Just as we encouraged pro-life people to applaud Komen’s first decision, we should now express our disappointment at this setback. Please encourage your networks to write to and say: “I am gravely disappointed that Planned Parenthood will again be eligible for grants from Komen. Please work to concentrate your efforts on lifesaving care for women and to end all ties with Planned Parenthood!”


Sincerely in Christ,

Tom Grenchik

USCCB Pro-Life Secretariat

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  1. I found a post by Kelleigh Nelson at GulagBound sniowhg that Susan G. Komen contributes to Planned Parenthood in qu . I have been a contributor to SGK for many, many years. I’m reminded of a lesson that I know

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