Two New Pope-Saints – John Paul II and John XXIII!!!

Canonization_2014-_The_Canonization_of_Saint_John_XXIII_and_Saint_John_Paul_II_(14036819834)Sunday was quite a special day for the Church: two new saints! These past days have been quite thought-provoking for me, as I look back to my childhood – where the only Pope I “knew” was Pope John Paul II.

As a girl I travelled to Rome with my family, where we attended several Papal Masses in St. Peter’s Square. Looking at pictures of the canonisation – crowds spilling out of the square – brought back memories of that same square back in 2000 and Pope John Paul a tiny little speck up at the altar. Following Mass, we children all rushed the barriers trying to get as close as possible to this man whom none of us had ever met, yet we instinctively loved as Christ’s vicar on earth. As he rode by on the Popemobile, his tired face looked out at us with so much love; his weary hands raised in blessing – a moment we will all treasure for the rest of our lives.

They say that “a picture says a thousand words”, so head on over here to see extensive photo coverage of the day! I also was moved by what Joanna Bogle wrote on her blog (having been an eyewitness!) that was¬†not¬†noticed by the media: the piles of young people there: praying….going to confession…….being pilgrims. They were there not just out of curiosity or to see the (albeit beautiful) spectacle; they were there because these Popes were men that they loved and knew, who showed them what it looked like to have Christ’s love shining from their faces, how to be joyful Christians in a shadowy world, how to hold fast to the truth, yet always with great, great love!

Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II, pray for us!

Photo by Jeffrey Bruno, used under cc license

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