Toward an End to Abortion?

Some hopeful considerations on a rainy (at least here in Steubenville) Tuesday morning. American Papist offers 5 reasons (based on recent headlines) why he thinks pro-life advocates are being successful in killing abortion. A snippet:

3. Planned Parenthood and abortion activists are desperate to shut down these pro-life pregnancy centers. But all this has done (besides a handful of victories) is make more people aware of their existence in the first place. And any debate about abortion that centers on the real alternatives being provided by pro-lifers to pregnant women is a good debate to be had in the press.

4. Meanwhile, day after day, new stories are making more and more people aware of the horrible choices that legalized abortion encourages, such as this one where an abortion practitioner lost his medical license for killing the wrong twin in a failed abortion. We will see more of these as abortion continues to warp the standards of the medical profession. But these are the extreme cases that help people who are sitting on the fence see the disastrous consequences of our current state of affairs.

Check out the rest.

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