Thoughts on St. Joseph from JPII

“Like every child, Jesus learned about life and how to act from His parents. How could we not think, with deep wonder, that he must have developed the human aspect of His perfect obedience to the Father’s will particularly by following the example of His father Joseph, ‘a just man’?”–Angelus, Sunday March 21, 1999

“‘When Joseph woke from sleep, he did as the angel of the Lord commanded him and took Mary as his wife’ (cf. Mt. 1:24). He took her in all the mystery of her motherhood. He took her together with the Son who had come into the world by the power of the Holy Spirit. In this way he showed a readiness of will like Mary’s with regard to what God asked of him through the Angel”–Redemptoris Custos

“May St. Joseph, such a great and humble saint be an example that inspires Christian workers, who should call on him in every circumstance. Today I wish to entrust to the provident guardian of the Holy Family of Nazareth the young people who are training for their future profession, the unemployed, and those who are suffering from the hardship of the shortage of employment, families and the whole world of work, with the expectations and challenges, the problems and prospects that characterize it.”–General Audience, March 19, 2003

St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church, Pray for us!

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