This Lent, What Are You Cooking?

One of my colleagues reminded me about Fr. Leo Patalinghug of Grace Before Meals and his liturgically-colored sauces. Here’s his Burgandy Sauce–a meat sauce in the liturgical color of purple–perfect for Lent and Advent. (Not to be eaten on Fridays in Lent, he adds!)

Grace Before Meals stresses the importance of family meals–”A family that says grace together stays together.”

Browsing Fr. Leo’s blog, I found a couple other recipes for tasty-looking meatless meals: Sweet Pea Risotto with Corn Flake Crusted Scallops and Italian Tuna Pasta. Plus, on the Grace Before Meals site’s video page, there’s a 4-episode series devoted to meatless meals. Yum!

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