The Model Mother and the Loving Savior

May is the month of Mary, and June the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Over at, we’ve drawn two neat articles from the Lay Witness archives that touch on these subjects.

In “Devotion to Mary, Fidelity to God Almighty,” Msgr. Eugene Kevane explains how Our Lady makes faith formation come to life. He relates Mary’s Magnificat to her experience of God as “The Almighty.” He comments, “When your children are conscious, like Mary, of the greatness and power of God, they can grow up with inner peace in their hearts. And you will not need to be so worried about the kind of world that awaits them, or how they will fare in it.”

And in “The Sacred Heart and the Eucharist,” Fr. Richard Neilson shows how devotion to the Sacred Heart leads us to the Eucharist and to a deeper love of God. He writes movingly about Christ’s infinite love for us: “In the Sacred Host dwells the God-man, Jesus; in His Person pulses His Heart through which we are loved with the perfection of His humanity, the fullness of His Godhead, one Person who not only loves but is love.” If you need encouragement or reassurance, definitely read this article.

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