Teaching the Teachers

I want to apologize to our readers for the lack of new material on the CUF blog this week. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week I was teaching an intensive introductory course on Scripture to some Catholic school teachers here in the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas, so I just didn’t have the opportunity to blog until now.

The course went very well. However, in these four-hour sessions in a cramped classroom amidst an oppressive heat wave, I was at best the third most important person in the process (after the Holy Spirit and A/C maintenance guy), so I can’t take much of the credit.

Two things impressed me about this experience. First, I was very happy to see how well Understanding the Scriptures, part of the outstanding Didache high school program, was received by Catholic school teachers–not only as teaching tools (most if not all of my students teach at the elementary level), but as useful resources in their own faith development.  We’re proud to make the Didache series in its entirety available at www.emmausroad.org.

Also, this experience further confirmed my sense that our Catholic school teachers really benefit from solid, ongoing formation in the faith, particularly in the area of Scripture–both for themselves and as a means of fostering a renewed Catholic culture in our schools. The overall positive response of the teachers (who had to listen to me for 12 hours–major penance!) was most gratifying.

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