“Survival Guide” Not Just for Singles

Catholic blogger Sarah Reinhard has just become Emily Stimpson’s unofficial #1 fan. Why doe<p><b><FONT color=#ff6600>FREE $20 GIFT CARD WITH PURCHASE</b></font></p> s a wife and mother of 3 absolutely love The Catholic Girl’s Survival Guide for the Single Years? Because, as Reinhard writes on CatholicMom.com, “This book is full of wisdom and insight that applies to all of us, whether we’re married with three kids or single into our 50s.”

Reinhard reviews The Survival Guide on The Integrated Catholic Life’s site and interviews Stimpson on her blog, the Snoring Scholar. After reading all this, you’re going to want to order the book–and now is a great time to do just that, especially because you will receive a free $20 gift card to CatholicMatch.com with your purchase of The Catholic Girl’s Survival Guide for the Single Years.

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