St. Valentine’s Day–Just a Novena Away

With St. Valentine’s Day just nine days away, maybe we can begin our preparations. No, not a trip to the jewelry store, notwithstanding all the commercials. Maybe a more precious gift would be a novena of prayers, fittingly begun on Ash Wednesday, for our spouse and for the strengthening of our marriage.

On a related note, this Valentine’s Day the USCCB is encouraging couples to take advantage of resources and materials at its “For Your Marriage” website. For more information, click here.

I just visited the site, and was pleased to see that the problematic recommendation of a book by dissident theologian Richard Gaillardetz has been removed. Given this encouraging action by the USCCB’s Marriage and Family Committee, which I went to the trouble of requesting, I thought the least I could do is recommend this site for St. Valentine’s Day resources. 

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