Spend Some Time with the Pope and the CEO


For those looking for a way to find more meaning in their vocation–specifically their secondary vocation or profession–Emmaus Road’s latest book The Pope & the CEO offers plenty of insight.

In The Pope & the CEO accomplished CEO and business leader Andreas Widmer recounts his personal memories and experiences of Blessed John Paul II during the years he served the Pope at the Vatican as a Swiss Guard. He reflects on his later successes and failures in business, and explains how the lessons learned from John Paul II informed his conscience and taught him how to be an effective leader and devout Christian.

The Pope & the CEO is a guide for business leaders seeking to integrate their faith and work.

Get results fast with this quick, colorful guide to Christian business leadership.

Includes how to:

  • Boldly explore your vocation and find ways to live up to your God given potential
  • Confidently pray at and for your work
  • Securely navigate business ethics and morals
  • Effortlessly motivate and manage teams of all sizes
  • Confidently build a culture of results and responsibility
  • Assertively lead by doing and inspiring
  • Live an integrated life

pope_ceo_sb.jpgNow in its second printing, The Pope & the CEO can be ordered here.

For more information on the book, events with the author, and so much more, check out the website for The Pope & the CEO.

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