Some Good News

In case you haven’t yet heard, here are three items that I found very encouraging today.

(1) Today the USCCB has removed from the Catholic News Service site the favorable review of The Golden Compass. American Papist has the details as well as some insightful commentary. It looks like the film isn’t doing as well as the box office as anticipated, either. Now if only the USCCB could hire a good Catholic movie critic . . .

(2) The U.S. bishops’ committee on doctrine has stepped up to the plate and has issued a statement concerning the problematic character of Being Religious Interreligiously, a book by Fr. Peter Phan, the chairman of the theology department at Georgetown University. The bishops’ review focuses on three principal areas of difficulty: (a) Christ as the unique and universal Savior of the world; (b) the Catholic Church as the universal instrument of salvation; and (c) the salvific significance of non-Christian religions. 

All I can figure is that Fr. Phan must have been sick the day they taught Dominus Iesus in seminary. 

(3) I realize that the first two items deal with problems. The third one, however, is an awesome new website on Scripture set up by the Vatican Congregation for the Clergy. It allows visitors to access Bible verses with exegesis from doctors of the Church or to cross reference liturgical texts with commentaries from Church Fathers. I’ve already visited the site, and it’s the real deal. It’s located at  

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  1. Fr. Peter Phan was at the University of Dallas a long time ago and then at Catholic U. I did not realize he is at Georgetown now, but it does not surprise me that he is employed there, probably happily. There is an interesting section on him in the book DOA (topic and subtitle is concering the arrival of the Catechism) published in the early 90s, might have been pusblished by Jacques Maritain Center at Notre Dame.

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