President Obama’s Accommodation/Compromise

Links to items regarding the latest in the religious freedom attack against Catholics:

  • The National Right to Life Committee calls the “compromise” announced today by President Obama a “scam”–”You Must Pay, but Nobody Pays”–which will make it possible for abortion-on-demand to eventually be covered by insurers as well. Read the NRLC’s news item here.
  • posts a letter signed by Mary Ann Glendon, Robert P.George, John Garvey, and others calling the current administration’s actions “morally obtuse” and an “insult to the intelligence of Catholics, Protestants, Eastern Orthodox Christians, Jews, Muslims, and other people of faith.” Moreover, they label the compromise a “cheap accounting trick.”
  • The Catholic League issued a press release, calling President Obama’s healthcare plan an incident adding “insult to injury.”
  • 11 out of 15 members of the committee that made recommendations on the HHS mandate have “more than a casual commitment to the furthering of the abortion lobby.” Read through the list of advisers with information supplemented by public records at Human Life International’s site.

4 responses

  1. the theory that government funding of abortions saves money is flawed because it ignores the possibility that the baby will, if given a chance, grow up to become a tacpayer!! Besides,
    women who abort are sicker – physically and mentally – after the ‘procedure’ than are non- aborters. British actuaries have recognized this. It is solely a statistical issue. Apparently U.S actuaries aren’t allowed to make the same judgment on this side of the pond.
    How morally twisted and fundamentally short-sighted is this decision. Pray for the bishops, and all the faithful, in the fight to restore freedom!

  2. An agent is someone who chooses to do or not do something by an act of the will. In philosophy, law, and everyday common situations, we call it an intention. Corporate entities, through their governing bodies, also broker choices as agents. In the case of President Obama’s “accommodation” with the Roman Catholic Church regarding health insurance payment for abortion, sterilization, and contraception, we have two agents: the Church and the health insurance industry. In his usual manner, President Obama is attempting to confuse the issue by shifting all agency from the Church to the insurance industry, thereby, cutting moral agency from the Church and assigning it all to the health insurance industry. Hold on! No one buys this, except possibly the head of the Catholic Hospital Association. What we have here are two agents linked together. To make this real, let’s say Holy Spirit Catholic Church has a school. Holy Spirit hires Joe’s Insurance Agency to provide health insurance which covers abortion, sterilization, and contraception. The first agent is Holy Spirit; the second in the chain is Joe’s Insurance Agency. The two are casually linked and co-responsible for the act, not completely separated as President Obama would have us think. In law, if you hire a hit man to kill someone, you cannot use the defense, “Well, the hit man did it, not me.” The two of you are bound together as agents. Even the Sopranos get that.

  3. The American political landscape has deteriorated in the past 5-6 years massivly mostly from rhetoric and partisanship. We push other countries to be like ours, but we all know, our system is quite broken. Until we can start being civil and respect eachother, then maybe once, democracy will finally be as good as we say it is.

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