Prayer to St. Joseph for Home Renovations

St. Joseph

A longtime CUF member shared the following prayer with us, which she wrote when working on house renovations.

Let us ask St. Joseph to bring these intentions before the throne of God.

Good St. Joseph, God the Father entrusted His Son, Jesus, to you. With confidence:

  • I ask you now to watch over the renovation of our house and property.
  • I pray for peace and unity for all who labor and enter there.
  • I pray for the removal of all obstacles that might delay its completion.
  • I pray for help, through the holy angels, to arrive at mutual agreements with any designer and in regard to furnishings and decorations.

You, Lord, know what is best. May your holy will be done.

May God’s peace descend upon this house and this property, and may God be glorified.

I ask all this in the Holy Name of Jesus and His blessed Mother as I pray,

Memorare to St. Joseph (versions of the Memorare can be found here and here)

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