Pray with the Pope for Life

apphoto.jpgOn the eve of the anniversary of legalized abortion in America, join us in praying the Holy Father’s newly penned prayer for all nascent human life:

Lord Jesus, who faithfully visits and fills with your Presence the Church and the history of mankind; who in the admirable Sacrament of Your Body and Blood makes us participants in the divine life and grants us a foretaste of joy and eternal life; we adore and bless You.

  Arouse in us respect for every newly-formed human life, help us to see in the fruit of the maternal womb the awesome work of the Creator; open our hearts to the generous reception of each child who is brought to life.

Bless all families, sanctify the union of spouses, make their love fertile.

Accompany with the light of your Spirit the decisions made by legislative bodies, so that all peoples and nations recognize and respect the sacred character of life,of every human life.

With Mary, your Mother, the great believer,in whose womb you assumed our human nature,we await from you,our only true Good and Savior,the strength to love and serve life,in the hope of living always in you,in communion with the most holy Trinity.

 *Special thanks to Dan Knaggs for his translation from the Spanish prayer found at the Vatican’s website.

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