Pope Francis: Meditate on the Passion in Holy Week

Peter’s Denial – Quimper Cathedral

In his homily this past Sunday, Pope Francis encourages us all to meditate on the Passion of Christ during Holy Week. To see ourselves in the Passion story, ask ourselves: “who would I be”?

Read the full text of his homily here: Pope Francis’ Palm Sunday Homily

Let’s follow the urging of our Pope, and spend some time this week reading one of the Passion accounts. And don’t just read it, but put yourself into the story, imagine you are walking the roads where Jesus walked to Calvary, be with Him during His journey to the Cross. When someone you love is suffering, you want to be with them, to help them, to shoulder some of their pain, and possibly to lighten their load a little. The soldiers forced Simon of Cyrene to help carry Jesus’ cross; we, too, can help carry His cross, not because we are forced to like Simon, but because we love Him so much that we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

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