Patrick Coffin, author of Sex au Naturel, today on Kresta in the Afternoon

Patrick CoffinPatrick Coffin, author of Sex au Naturel: What It Is and Why It’s Good for Your Marriage (Emmaus Road Publishing) will be on Kresta in the Afternoon today at 4:00pm (Eastern).

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About Patrick Coffin

Coffin is the host of Catholic Answers Live, the number-one rated Catholic radio show in America. He has published dozens of articles, essays, and interviews. Born in Nova Scotia, he is an alumnus of Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, McGill University in Montreal, and Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio, where he obtained a master’s degree in theology. He lives in San Diego with his wife, Mariella, and their two daughters.

About the Book

Sex au Naturel

In Sex au Naturel, Coffin looks at what makes the Catholic sexual ethic both distinct and freeing. Humanae Vitae, birth control, overpopulation, and marital happiness all find a place in this winsome discussion of the Church’s teachings on sex and marriage.

“Patrick Coffin makes a sane contribution to a conversation on a subject that has made our civilization insane. Kudos to him for bringing back some basic Catholic common sense to our culture’s neuralgic obsession with getting sex almost entirely wrong instead of celebrating it as the rich gift of God that it is in the way God intended us to receive it.” –Mark P. Shea, author of Mary, Mother of the Son

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