On Golden Compass

“Oh the loons, the loons!”

The 1981 Academy Award-winning movie On Golden Pond begins with Katherine Hepburn uttering the above line (or something close to it–it’s been over a quarter of a century since I’ve seen it) to express her pleasure at the sight of the large, fish-eating birds that annually migrate to the family’s summer home in New England. 

This year there is another “golden” movie, and again it brings to mind the line, “Oh the loons, the loons!” The movie of course is the much-publicized film The Golden Compass. This time, the line refers to those who believe actress Nicole Kidman and others who claim that the movie–and forthcoming sequels–are not anti-Catholic but rather wholesome family entertainment.

The film version of Philip Pullman’s  best-seller The Golden Compass is due for release on December 7th. Catholic parents should be concerned about Pullman’s use of the medium of children’s literature to promote his atheistic, anti-God, and anti-Christian message. He styles himself the anti-C.S. Lewis of children’s literature and openly admits that he wrote his work as rebuttal to Lewis’s use of Christian imagery in the Narnia chronicles.

Catholic authors Sandra Miesel and Pete Vere just wrote a book for Ignatius Press that exposes the problems with The Golden Compass. It is due out in mid-December:

Here is a link to a recent Zenit interview of Miesel and Vere on this topic:

Don’t be a loon. Don’t subject your children to Pullman’s work.

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