O Come Emmanuel!

“God [makes] Himself small for us. God comes not with external force, but He comes in the powerlessness of His love, which is where His true strength lies. He places Himself in our hands. He asks for our love, He invites us to become small ourselves, to come down from our high thrones and learn to be childlike before Him.”

These words from Pope Benedict, taken from “Preparing for Christmas with Pope Benedict XVI,” are food for reflection on this second Friday of Advent. There is still time to order your copy of this Christmas novena! The very portable prayer booklet includes the following prayer:

“Blessed Father, may the celebration of the Incarnation of your Son Jesus open us to understand and wait for the mystery of His glorious return, when He will come and judge the world; May we wait for Him watchfully and laboriously, doing in this life all the good we can and conforming more and more to Him. May the joy we experience every year in celebrating Christmas, accompany us even on the day your beloved Son will come back among us, not as a weak and defenseless child, but in His powerful role as judge of history, the one in whom everything will be completed. We ask this through Him, the Awaited One from the nations, the Savior, the Liberator, the fulfillment of all human hope. Amen.”

O Come, Emmanuel, Come!

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