Now That’s a Christmas Tree

The Vatican is decorating for Christmas. That includes a HUGE Christmas tree in St. Peter’s Square. The AP reports:

The Vatican says the 109-foot (33-meter) red spruce from Austria’s Piesting Valley is the tallest since Pope John Paul II started the tradition of setting up a tree in the square in 1982. . . .

It is decorated with 2,000 gold and silver balls, white lights and a shining star. It stands next to a larger-than-life-sized Nativity scene which will be unveiled Christmas Eve.

Pope Benedict XVI met with the Austrian pilgrims Friday to thank them for the tree, saying it would give him joy to see it from his apartment window.

109 feet–That’s something like 10 stories! (Hmmm…wouldn’t fit in my living room.) I would have liked to see the crew transport and trim that tree.

[Hat tip to Whispers in the Loggia.]

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