New Statement Responds to Campaign Events at Catholic Colleges

Following a series of campaign events by pro-abortion presidential candidates on Catholic college campuses, a coalition of influential Catholic organizations today released a statement urging all Catholic institutions to refuse to host politicians who oppose Catholic teaching on serious moral issues.

The statement was organized by The Cardinal Newman Society, a group that works to renew and strengthen the Catholic identity of colleges and universities across the country. Catholics United for the Faith was one of the organizations to endorse the statement.

On February 13, St. Mary’s University in San Antonio hosted a rally for Sen. Hillary Clinton over Archbishop Jose Gomez’s objections. St. Norbert College in Wisconsin did the same on February 17. St. Peter’s College in New Jersey hosted a large rally for Barack Obama on January 9, as did Loras College in Iowa last March. In January, Archbishop Raymond Burke urged Saint Louis University to discipline its basketball coach for his remarks at a Clinton rally supporting abortion and embryonic stem-cell research.

“We call on Catholic institutions to join us in finding opportunities—appropriate to the nature and mission of each institution—to engage in political and public policy dialogue by publicly proclaiming Catholic teaching, especially on issues related to human life and marriage,” the statement says.

For the complete text, click here.

“Like any Catholic institution, a Catholic college or university has a distinct and unique responsibility to provide an environment that supports and upholds Catholic values,” said Patrick J. Reilly, president of The Cardinal Newman Society (CNS).

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  1. Bravo to Archbishops Gomez and Burke! But the sad truth is that until and unless ALL the bishops speak up about this nonsense, it will continue to go on.

    I was watching Raymond Arroyo’s program on EWTN a couple of weeks ago where he had Terry Jeffrey, the Editor of Human, on as his guest. Mr. Jeffrey coolly and casually inserted in the following comment: “Well, if the bishops really wanted to, they could stop abortion right now.” I wonder how many viewers picked up on his swipe at American bishops.

    If more bishops (other than “the usual suspects”) were to speak up, can you imagine what that would do!

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