New from Emmaus Road: “Getting the Marriage Conversation Right”

Getting the Marriage Conversation Right:  A Guide for Effective DialogueMsgr. Charles Pope of the Archdiocese of Washington has an informative summary of the newest booklet from Emmaus Road Publishing, Getting the Marriage Conversation Right: A Guide for Effective Dialogue (available through our website).

In his post, Msgr. Pope gets to the heart of the debate over same-sex “marriage”:

…the problem with most understandings of marriage today is that they are adult-centric. That is to say, they focus only on the rights and happiness of the adults involved. Most people have little concept of marriage today as anything other than two adults being happy for as long as they please. And if they do have any children it isn’t because that is what marriage is about, it’s only because that makes the adults happy. Or so the thinking goes. And thus, because adults have a right to be happy, they have a right to get married, and if they are unhappy, they have a right to divorce. Basically, the modern concept of marriage is that it’s all about the adults.

Now, to be clear, this “all about the adults” mentality has been a problem in the heterosexual community long before the homosexual community stepped forward to demand recognition of their unions, as a “marriage.” And that is why it is so hard for heterosexuals to answer the demands of the homosexual community, and why so many heterosexuals are themselves confused. After all, what, really, is one to say to the homosexual community if all that marriage is, is two adults being happy for as long as they please?


Getting the Marriage Conversation Right is now available. Check out the Emmaus Road website for bulk rates.

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