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July 2010 Lay Witness A new issue of Lay Witness means new online articles (and a new quiz!) too.

Our Summer Vocation
by Regis J. Flaherty

“Our vocations require from us a daily commitment. Each and every day we have the opportunity and obligation to again say ‘yes’ to God and choose to embrace the vocation that He has given us. So summer doesn’t change our call, but it does present most of us with different experiences. We can take the opportunities that summer presents to us to get a firmer grip on how we respond to God. Summer can be a time to grow in understanding God’s plan for our lives. We can renew our commitment and be strengthened so that we can better fulfill our vocations.” (full article)

Enough to Make a Difference
by Kathleen Swartz McQuaig

“An hour earlier, Carol and I dropped our sons off at scout camp. We had already headed home when we spotted a dirt lot and tables with would-be treasures. ‘MAKE AN OFFER’ said a large sign propped against a table leg. Carol and I exchanged eager glances. We were two hours from home in unexplored territory and delighted at the potential!…

“It was only after stepping from the car to take a closer look that Carol and I discovered how most items were broken or rusted beyond repair. Even the few salvageable pieces weren’t worth the money the owner expected to glean from them. Carol and I struggled to make sense of the rust we saw lying on the tables. But in the process, we failed to notice the angry eyes glaring at us. As the owner’s grumbling gave way to shouting, we pushed down our fears and high-tailed it back to the car.” (full article)

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