More Views from the March

The crowd at the March was incredible. There were so many people that I couldn’t even get to a spot to take many photographs, for fear I’d never find the rest of the group again. And yes, there were porta-potties still up. But, again, we weren’t about to stop or move away from the rest of our group.

You’ll notice that it was a gorgeous day. I said to Mike Sullivan (CUF president) that with such beautiful weather, the day didn’t feel at all penitential (Jan. 22 is a day of prayer and penance in the U.S.). He agreed, but added, “God doesn’t kick his people when they’re down.”

Mike (and my shadow), sitting on the stairs of the National Gallery of Art (I think) and listening to pre-March music and speakers.

 Mike Sullivan, March for Life 2009

The view from one direction . . .

Crowds, March for Life 2009

. . . and the other.

Crowds 2, March for Life 2009

Nice sign. It’s worth noting that it was carried by a man.

Sign, March for Life 2009

The kids, wearing their CUF Marches for Life signs, resting after the March. They were quite the troopers.

The Kids, March for Life 2009

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