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Regarding our recent post on the U.S. Bishops’ new “For Your Marriage” website, we received the following comment from marriage and family expert John F. Kippley regarding the site’s recommendation of the work of Dr. Richard Gaillardetz:

“Thanks for directing me to the long analysis of the works of the dissenting theologian,  Dr. Richard Gaillardetz.  It appears that what he is doing is simply a repeat of what Fr. Curran and others did in the Sixties . . . I thought the bishops were beyond that stuff. . . . It is just crazy that the bishops would even mention works by someone like Gaillardetz. . . .” 

Another reader contacted the USCCB about the problematic site and received this response:

“Dr. Gaillardetz is a well-known and respected Catholic theologian who holds the chair in Catholic Studies at the University of Toledo. He has been a guest presenter at a meeting of the Bishops’ Committee on Marriage and Family. I don’t know if you’ve read “A Daring Promise,” but it presents a realistic–and hopeful–vision of married life in a way that is accessible to average Catholics. It is an important book in its field. I think our reviewer did justice to the book by identifying its strengths as well as noting what might be disturbing.”

Despite this disappointing response, we have good reason to believe that the shortcomings of the site are being addressed at this time, and we’ll keep our readers posted regarding further developments.

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  1. “What might be disturbing”?

    What a weak, lame way to describe Gaillardetz’s presentation of contraception as “not ideal, but . . .”.

    More like “what might be from the pit of Hell.”


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