McCain on Internet Pornography

Yesterday I mentioned the question put to Senator McCain about our government assisting in the protection of families, children, and communities from predatory graphic and highly sexualized images.

Senator McCain quickly agreed that technology has increased the threat of pornography and related evils. He struggled with a sure answer to the problem of internet pornography in general, so he took up the more familiar issue of child internet pornography and related sex trafficking. He made some very strong promises to assemble task forces and forge global agreements to come to the aid of the American people in this area. View Senator McCain’s answer in its entirety at:   The question-and-answer part of the town hall meeting is in a link halfway down the right side.

Understandably, Senator McCain was not readily familiar with Senator Obama’s record of not taking a stand against the sex industry when Obama was an Illinois State Senator.  In one instance, Senator Obama even refused to support a measure to stop sex businesses from opening near schools or places of worship, leading to the bill’s narrow defeat.

As the candidates move from community to community in the coming months, I hope that there will be many more people like Phillip Cosby asking the tough questions pertaining to the very moral fiber of our nation.

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