Maureen Dowd Calls for Surrender

This excellent article by Kathryn Jean Lopez is well worth the read!

Calling for Surrender

Maureen Dowd, unsurprisingly, hits back at New York’s Archbishop Timothy Dolan today (who has criticized some of her columns on the Catholic Church as well as the New York Times itself), though not substantively so much as with sarcasm and a total lack of appreciation of the role of women in the Catholic worldview, once again.

There are many things to say both about her column and about what’s going on in the media and in the Church (and what the media says is going on isn’t quite the story). But what sticks out from Ms. Dowd’s column today is this closing line: “How can we maintain that faith when our leaders are unworthy of it?”

Reading that line made me jump right back to this, also from her column today: “The priest was always a revered figure, the embodiment of Christ changing water into wine. (Older parishioners took it literally.)”

If the pope himself were possessed, if every priest and religious were evildoers . . . more

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  1. Lopez is right on. As GKC might have put it, chastity has not been tried and found insufficient, it has been found difficult and not tried.
    I find it interesting that Dowd spends so much time and fervor attacking the Catholic Church. She sounds like she may be ripe for conversion one of these days. Of course, that would likely end her vaunted status at the New York Times. But they can quickly replace her with another clever fallen-away Catholic. Plenty to choose from, sadly enough.
    We should pray for the soul of Ms. Dowd.

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