March 9 – Feast of St. Dominic Savio

Dominic was always full of fun at recreation (Thanks, in part, to John Bosco’s good advice). When the boys began to complain about school or talk about indecent things, he would tell a joke that would distract them and get their minds off what they had been discussing. Since he was full of fun all his fellow students enjoyed being with him, even the ones who were not religious.

Some of the more spiritual boys formed a group in the school to help the troublemakers with their faith. Dominic was a key member of this club. One of his tactics was to hold up candy or fruit in the schoolyard and ask who wanted it. When a number of boys responded, he would say, “Alright, I’ll give it to the one who answers this catechism question correctly.” Then he would call on one of the troublesome boys and if he came reasonably close to the right answer, Dominic would give him the prize. Thus he would begin to influence the boy in the right direction.

Sometimes Dominic would begin playing with a boy and suddenly stop to say, “Will you come to confession with me Saturday?” Since Saturday was several days away and he wanted to keep playing, the boy usually said yes. On Saturday Dominic would take the boy to church, and go to Confession himself (Which he did weekly anyway), to set the example. The boy would follow.

Excerpted from Fr. T. G. Morrow’s book Who’s Who in Heaven. For ordering information, visit our website.

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