Loving Jesus, Living Lent

Around Ash Wednesday, the CUF office typically begins receiving questions about the Church’s Lenten practices–especially her laws of fast and abstinence. Those are good questions, and we have answers available online.

But another topic that also comes up within the office–and one that relates to how we understand and process the Church’s teachings and disciplines–is that of knowing Jesus Christ. He is the reason we live and worship the way we do, so if we don’t know Him, all the rules and teachings of the Church can seem empty.

That’s why Msgr. Charles Pope’s blog post “The Key to True Fasting,” which a CUF Blog reader passed along, caught my attention. In it, he shows how fasting and knowing Jesus fit together in. A snippet:

Simply put, if you want to have the capacity to fast spiritually and truly you have to experience the wedding feast of the Lamb of God. In this great wedding feast which we are to experience through prayer, scripture and especially the Liturgy we are to be filled with Christ. We are to encounter him and feast abundantly on his Word, his Body and Blood and to rejoice with him exceedingly. And when this happens we are authentically equipped to fast. . . .

But let me ask you, Have you met Christ and been to the wedding feast with him? One of the sad realities in parish life and in the Church is that there are many people who have never really met Jesus Christ. They have heard about him and know about him, but they’ve never really encountered him powerfully in prayer or the Mass.

Go on over to the Archdiocese of Washington’s site and read the rest.

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