Living “Naturally” — Updated

I appreciated Matthew over at Creative Minority Report sharing this conversation he had about “natural living” and the Pill. His interlocutor was advocating using more natural products and being mindful of all the chemicals we put in our bodies…then expressed her gratitude for the Pill. Just a snippet:

I couldn’t hold my tongue so I just threw it out there. “How does all this natural living coincide with all the chemicals you’re putting in your body from the Pill?”

And then she said that she needs to be on the Pill because it allows her to live naturally. If she had more children then she wouldn’t have the time to live the way she wanted to live, she said.

Advocating natural living while pumping artificial birth control into one’s system necessitates some bizarre mental gymnastics. To live the way she wants to live–”naturally”–she feels that she has to do something unnatural.

There’s a fundamental mix-up in priorities here, starting with the idea that life is all about me and my wants. There’s no room for the other–whether that “other” be God or children–when one’s first order of business is oneself. And that mentality, contrary to expectations, leads not to happiness and fullness of life, but sorrow and emptiness of soul.


I wanted to post a few resources from Dr. Edward P. Sri’s Lay Witness column on Love and Responsibility that, I think, add to the discussion.

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