Lightning and Clouds, Bless the Lord!

Today we celebrate the feast of St. Scholastica (d. 574), Benedictine abbess, founder, and virgin.

She is remembered as the twin sister of St. Benedict of Nursia and as the patroness of nuns and convulsive children. St. Scholastica’s intercession is also invoked against storms or rain (and here in the Midwest, school-age children direct their petitions for snow cancellations to her as well!).

The most common story told about St. Scholastica relates how she wished to prolong her annual visit with her brother Benedict, whose monastic Rule stipulated that his monks were not permitted to spend the night outside the confines of their monastery. Sensing her earthly journey was nearly complete, Scholastica begged her brother to stay with her and discuss the things of God. Adamantly refusing, Benedict and his brothers proceeded to depart.

When, in great distress, Scholastica clasped her hands in prayer and invoked the power of God to intervene, such a mighty storm ensued that Benedict and his companions were forced to return.

The brother and sister passed the night in intense spiritual discussion–the last they would enjoy this side of heaven. Scholastica died three days after their meeting.

St. Scholastica’s great trust in God reminds us not only of His great power, but that He honors those who seek to rely on His Providence. Let us pray, through the intercession of St. Scholastica, for a greater capacity to surrender our needs to God our Heavenly Father with great faith and love.

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