Last Things First

Death. Judgment. Heaven. Hell.

Not exactly light topics, to be certain–and yet the Four Last Things raise questions most of us seek to have answered. The answers to the questions of eternity impact how we live and move in the present life.

Drawing not just from Scripture and Tradition, but the wisdom of philosophers, poets, playwrights and more, noted author and professor Dr. Regis Martin provides a compelling introduction to the topic of the Four Last Things in a new Catholic Courses lecture series (available here).

Eloquently reminding us of hope’s essential role in the Christian journey, Martin’s Catholic Courses series is an instructive an inspiring response to the age old questions–”Why Are We Here?” and “What is the Meaning of Life.”

Faith Basics:  Death, Where Is Your Sting?

For additional  information, not just on the ultimate questions of life, but the practical topics related to Catholic dogma and practice, Regis Flaherty’s new booklet Death, Where is Your Sting? (part of Emmaus Road Publishing’s Faith Basics series) can be ordered here

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