Jumpstarting the Year of Faith

Yesterday marked the official start of the Year of Faith, a time designated by Pope Benedict for the universal Church to rediscover the treasures of our faith in Jesus Christ.

Throughout this exciting year, Catholics United for the Faith will promote the celebration of the Year of Faith in our various outreaches. For starters, we have many excellent resources available, such as

  • Our Faith Basics series, available through Emmaus Road Publishing. Written for the person spread a bit too thin, the  Faith Basics booklets are easily readable, covering the fundamentals in few words, while both informing and inspiring busy people to understand and live the faith.  Current titles include Death, Where is Your Sting?, Discovering the “Awe” of the Mass, and Sacraments: The Seven Spiritual Wonders of the World(Also available in e-book formats.)
  • The award-winning Lay Witness magazine will feature articles especially relevant to the Year of Faith. The current issue sets the stage for the Year of Faith and author Kevin Clarke lays out a plan of action for the next 13 months. Visit our site to subscribe to Lay Witness.
  • The annual Catholic’s United for the Faith calendar highlights the Apostles Creed with magnificent illustrations of the truths of the faith. To order, visit emmausroad.org or call 1-800-398-3470.

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