Hope at Harvard


Harvard SquareUsed under CC license

Growing up, I always loved our family’s occasional trips to the ivy-clad buildings of Harvard, and Cambridge’s lively streets - and dreamed of one day attending that center of learning and my dad’s alma mater. While I ended up in a college across the country, that town still has a special place in my heart. So it was with sadness that I heard of the recent atrocity that was proposed. However, reading this article filled me with such hope and joy at the faith that we share in our Lord.


St. Paul’s Church, Cambridge – used under CC License

There, in that bastion of anti-Catholicism (from its roots in the Puritan culture out of which it sprung), a spontaneous outpouring of love for our Lord was visible to all: more than 2,000 people (including the president of Harvard, Drew Faust, who went to show her solidarity with the Catholics) walked from MIT, through the streets of Cambridge with a monstrance, then filled St. Paul’s Church in Cambridge for an hour of Adoration. The Catholics could have reacted with hatred, or disgust, but instead they reacted with love, and in consoling Jesus’ heart, they most likely consoled and gave hope to many who witnessed that celebration of love of our Lord! Such a clear example of our Lord bringing such good out of everything, even something that could have been so so terrible.

Please go read the article yourself, for an eyewitness account of the events of that evening: Victory at Harvard: Satan defeated, the Eucharist Enthroned

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