Farewell, Holy Father. And Thank You.

From Catholics United for the Faith President Mike Sullivan:


As the mission of Catholics United for the Faith focuses on the teachings of the Church, we’ve come to rely on Pope Benedict XVI for his ability to express complex truths in simple and beautiful language. And so it is with both sadness and yet profound gratitude that Catholics United for the Faith acknowledges the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI.

This act of humility and integrity, prompted undoubtedly by much prayer and discernment, is a sterling example of his dedicated leadership and love for the Church.

We join with Catholics around the world in thanking Pope Benedict for his great service to the Church as our Holy Father these past eight years.

I ask all members of Catholics United for the Faith to join me in praying earnestly for Pope Benedict.

We believe that the Holy Father made his decision with guidance from the Holy Spirit, that same Spirit who will guide the elector-Cardinals in selecting the next Pope. We have hope that God the Father will send us the Shepherd who is best for the Church at this time.

Together let us pray that the Christian faithful take advantage of this opportunity to trust in God’s providence, and for the cardinals who have the important task of choosing his successor. We are confident that the Holy Spirit will guide their decision.

—Mike Sullivan, President, Catholics United for the Faith

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