Emmaus Road Publishing Releases Brian J. Gail’s “Childless”


STEUBENVILLE, Ohio, November, 7, 2011 Emmaus Road Publishing announced today that Childless—the third volume of best-selling author Brian J. Gail’s “American Tragedy in Trilogy”—is now available online at www.emmausroad.org, Amazon, or your local Catholic bookstore.


Publisher Mike Sullivan said: “After the extraordinary reception of Fatherless and Motherless, this debut of Childless is a watershed event for the thousands who have been anxiously awaiting it.”


Childless wraps up a riveting adventure that spanned forty years and traversed the world—from Manhattan boardrooms to European capitals to Middle East laboratories to Church confessionals and chanceries. The reader resumes the journey with Father Sweeney and Catholic families confronting agonizing decisions they would rather avoid in a world that has grown dangerously hostile.


Michael J. Sheridan, Bishop of Colorado Springs, says Childless brings “readers into the world and Church of the not-too-distant future where Satan is poised to lead astray even the faithful. Childless is not only an enthralling novel, it is a message of hope and renewal. What a beautiful conclusion to Gail’s American trilogy.”


Father Benedict J. Groeschel, CFR says: “This powerfully prophetic work was no doubt what Blessed John Paul II envisioned when he summoned a new evangelization characterized by ‘new methods, new explanations, new ardor.’ In recapturing the lost tradition of the Catholic novel, Brian J. Gail has quite imaginatively found a way to pour new wine into old wineskins.”


Get Childless or the entire “American Tragedy in Trilogy” today at www.emmausroad.org, Amazon, or your local Catholic bookstore.

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