Distinguishing “Dark” from “Dark”

TIME‘s David Van Biema called Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light a “book of hasty, troubled notes” that had the potential to “ease the spiritual road of thousands of fellow believers” by reassuring them that doubt is a natural part of life.

“Everything she’s experiencing,” Van Biema wrote, quoting America editor Fr. James Martin, “is what average believers experience in their spiritual lives writ large.”

But exactly how does Mother Teresa’s experience relate to those of the multitudes? Was her “dark night” on the same level as the periods of aridity most believers go through? And how does one determine an authentic “dark night” from the results of a lukewarm faith life?

Ralph Martin answers these questions and more in his insightful commentary, “Mother Teresa’s ‘Dark Night,’” a featured web article from the November/December issue of Lay Witness magazine.

(And while you’re there, check out Fr. Timothy Reid’s excellent article on the importance of beauty in living a Catholic life . . . and how taking time to stop and smell the roses can bring us closer to heaven.)

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