Directing our Zeal

As Catholics United for the Faith, we pray daily that even before the priorities of our apostolate, God would “direct our zeal first of all to the renewal of our own hearts.” For our own interior conversion we need constant encouragement, faithful prayer, and most of all perseverance when we recognize our weaknesses.

Let a brief word of encouragement from a spiritual master, Dom Hubert van Zeller, be a starting point for conversion today: 

In pledging ourselves to divine wisdom we no longer fear the outcome of our decisions, no longer doubt the value of our trials, no longer have misgivings on the score of wasted effort. We come to know beyond all question that we know nothing about our lives and that God knows all. This being so, it is with absolute confidence that we hand over the whole direction of affairs to Him.–Dom Hubert van Zeller, “The Will of God in Other Words”

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