Did You Scold Her, Archbishop?

This morning, I ran across the first part of an online interview with Archbishop Charles J. Chaput of Denver, Colorado.

Peter Robinson of the Hoover Institute talks to Chaput about “Politics & Catholics.” It sounds like they’ll eventually be discussing Chaput’s new bestselling book, Render unto Caesar.

The same day of the interview, though, The New York Times ran a front-page article “Abortion Issue Again Dividing Catholic Votes,” so that’s where they start. Robinson caught an interesting tone issue in the article: The bishops, including Chaput, who corrected Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s statement regarding the Church’s teaching on abortion were characterized as having “scolded” her. Robinson asks Chaput: “Did you scold her, Archbishop?” It’s worth a listen.

On a related note, Archbishop Chaput, who is one of CUF’s episcopal advisors, will be speaking at CUF’s anniversary conference in Pittsburgh, which is only three weeks away. (It’s not too late to register!) His talk is entitled “Courageous Families: Humanae Vitae 40 Years Later.”

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  1. “Scold” seems like an unlikely term, like its used towards naughty pupils. “Rebuke” sounds a lot more poetic and biblical.

  2. Folks,

    I have a feeling that as soon as a bishop publicly rebukes a politician by denying him or her reception of Holy Communion, that politician will act to remove the tax exempt status of the archdiocese in which that bishop serves. Perhaps I am pessimistic and somewhat jaded and cynical in my outlook. But I have no doubt that politicians like Nancy Pelosi who support abortion in turn own millions of dollars in real estate, liquid assets, etc., and make hefty contributions to whatever archdiocese they are members of. When publicly punished by official ex-communication, then they will stop contributions to their archdiocese and at the same time have the IRS do audits to remove tax exempt status. This is especially the case with another $700 billion debt required to bail Wall Street out of this current fiscal crisis. And this will happen with Obama / Biden in office. The Church will be taxed to no end because its opposition to murdering babies and to gay marriage will be seen as political, non-tax-exempt moves.

    I don’t know if many reader here know how bad things have become in industry nowadays. I work in a big international company as a cog within a wheel – I am just a worker bee. We have training lectures where we are taught that diversity and inclusiveness is accepting gay marriage as valid as heterosexual marriage, and where a woman’s right to choose is her human right. This is called democracy and indeed it is: two wolves and one sheep voting on what’s for dinner. George Orwell’s 1984 is 2008. Evil is good and goodness is evil. A man committing foul sex practices with another man is diversity in action, but marriage between a man and a women is intolerant and un-Christian.

    A psychiatrist who goes to my church had to attend one of these diverity lectures at her place of employment – a state agency I think. She was told that she was intolerant and prejudiced because she opposed the right to choose and opposed gay marriage. This is what Pelosi, Biden, Leahy, Kucinich, Kennedy, Kerry and every other so-called Catholic politician has wrought. It won’t be long before an Islamist will be allowed to have his Koran on his desk at work (and trust me – the Islamist managers at my place of work do), but you won’t be able to have a Bible at your desk, or a picture of the Blessed Virgin on your wall (they haven’t made me remove mine yet).

    Democracy is an utter failure where individual rights mean nothing so long as a simple majority of evil people declare the bad to be good, and the good bad. Everytime they talk civil rights, remember that they care not one iota about your individual right to worship God as you see fit, and they certainly don’t care about a baby’s right to live.

  3. Paul,

    That was very well written and thought out. We are indeed in grave danger and we will soon need a constitutional amendment to define marriage as between one man and one women.

    We are all a bit late getting into the game. My guess is that we all though that “gay marriage” was so obviously far-fetched that we sat by while the proponents of it were busy working and writing. We have a long way to go.

    We have to start with the arguments from reason not from faith. The people of faith are already with us, and the people of no faith will not listen to an argument made to faith.

    I can start from my own experience. I lived as a “gay” man for over thirty years before coming back to the Church. I can tell you a number of things as a former “gay” activist. (I did that in college, not recently) One, don’t believe a word of what “gay” activists tell you about homosexuals wanting “stable and loving monogamous” relationships. Don’t believe a word about “gay” people being just like everyone else. What I saw, what I did, what I continue to see out there is pure evil. Homosexuality destroys all that it touches. This is not to say that all homosexuals are all evil. But the part of them that is affected by it, their sex lives and their defense of it – is pure evil. And the “gay” activists will all lie to cover it up. And don’t expect the friends and family of “gay” people to know any of this either. As an old “gay” friend of mine said once, “Never ask a homosexual where he went last night.” Healthy people don’t want to know. If you want to find this out yourself, I only can direct you to the back of any “gay” newspaper. You’ll find ads for male prostitutes, strippers, strip clubs, ads for random sex with strangers, and ads for sex parties. And you’ll also find in these same “gay” newspapers ads dealing with the consequences of all this – ads for new AIDS drugs and therapies, ads for psychiatrists, ads for new anti-depression drugs, ads for drug counseling, alcohol counseling, suicide prevention groups, and survivor counseling for those who have lost “gay” loved ones to an early death. Look on line and search the words “cruising” or “cruising spots.” You’ll find hundreds of “gay” cruising locations in your area.

    You’ll need to know all this to show what’s left of the decent straight community what homosexuality is really like. It lied to me, and its followers are lying to America. And that is because the author of homosexuality was a “liar since the beginning.”

    You’ll often hear that homosexuality is natural. What nonsense! No scientist has found a “gay” gene. Don’t believe the media on this one! Homosexuality comes from a disturbed childhood. I grew up with all sorts of abuse, with a mother who, rest her soul, should not have been around little kids. It’s the same with every single “gay” men I ever knew. I was looking at a “gay” web site recently where they were talking about taboo thoughts, and ALL of them talked about their big secret, which was that they were sexually abused as kids. They all were trying to re-enact these scenes of abuse in their present lives. Again, the “gay” activists will deny all this, but I can tell you from thirty years experience that it’s true.

    Be prepared to be attacked as you’ve never been attacked if you dare to disparage the pagan god of homosexuality. This is the key to understanding what you’re up against. Homosexuality is a pagan god, and those who are in the life will defend it with absolute fury. Read St. Paul’s letter to the Romans. He hit the nail on the head. Homosexuality is life devoted to the god of the flesh.

    The real shame is that so many otherwise normal people accept such rubbish. You’ll hear it said that all “gay” people want is equality. Straight people could not make this argument if their own lives were not out of kilter to God’s commandments in the first place. We did not start with homosexuality. We started with heterosexual promiscuity, adultery, liberal divorce laws, no more standards of public decency, contraception, and of course abortion. This is a bit before my time, but in the old days, no one would rent a house or apartment to an unmarried couple. And all hotels had a house detective to look out for unmarried couples who might use the hotel to shack up in. We would not be facing “gay marriage” if the heterosexual community were not acting out of control too. With easy divorce and contraception, sex has become a sport. We really can’t blame homosexuals for wanting what straight people have. We can’t get rid of “gay marriage” without first changing how straight people act.

    This is going to be tough going, and the fight is going to be mean and dangerous. I myself am more afraid for my own safety for criticizing homosexuality then I ever was for promoting it.

    Pray, pray, pray!

    And talk to your neighbors and friends. Tell them my story. Do your own research into homosexuality. And look at what’s happening in Massachusetts. With legal “gay marriage” they now have to train little kids in schools about the virtues of homosexuality. This is what it comes down to… public schooling to teach little kids that homosexuality is right, while the Bible is wrong. Can it get much worse?

  4. MarkF: Wow, what a post! Please do what you can to spread the truth. As for yourself, reflect that when you were at your lowest, Jesus was staring right at you from the Garden of Gethsemani and shed every drop of His most precious blood for love of you. What Good News! The precious blood of our glorious Saviour was shed for you (and all of us) as a propitiation to God for our sins. What is more powerful, your sin or the Most Precious Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ? It will console you and bring you home to Him!

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