Declarations of Independence

Today we celebrate our “independence,” and it’s good that we do so. The independence that we’re celebrating is our country’s independence from tyranny and foreign rule, allowing us to live as free citizens. We recognize that we’re not completely independent, for good and for ill, from other nations, and that the exercise of the personal freedoms we enjoy in this country must be ordered to the common good of all. As a patriotic Spiderman might say, with great freedom comes great responsibility.

That’s why I think we should really make a point of celebrating the anniversary of our Baptisms. That way, we mark the anniversary of our liberation from sin our ”independence” as children of God. Yet at the same time, we are not independent from one another but rather are intensely connected through the communion of saints. And the freedom we experience as children of God must be ordered to what is true and good, lest we squander the great gift we received through Christ.

Just something to think about as we stand over the grill this afternoon . . .  

A blessed weekend to all of you!

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