Create in Me a Clean Heart

mar12.JPGJust in time for First Friday, the new issue of Lay Witness is here with several articles to help you reflect on the spiritual life during your Lenten journey.

Our web exclusives (this time by Bishop Thomas Doran and Chris Sparks) can be found here. The print version (which you can subscribe to here) is jam-packed with excellent articles, including: 

  • A cursory examination of the various stumbling blocks that prevent full spiritual maturity by Fr. John Bartunek
  • Archbishop Michael J. Sheehan’s pastoral letter to couples who cohabitate
  • Teresa Tomeo’s enlightening assessment of the portrayal of women in the mainstream media, and what the Church says to the contrary
  • And Ave Maria Professor Douglas Bushman’s presentation of original sin as a lack of faith and a rejection of God’s love. Bushman, drawing from the teaching of Bl. John Paul II, shows how faith is ultimately an acceptance of God’s love

This issue of Lay Witness includes much, much more. One last “sneak peak” is this beautiful meditation from CUF founder H. Lyman Stebbins:

When we go the way with Christ in total confidence,

That is the shortest way to the longed-for happiness;

But when I take the burden onto my own shoulders and

Want to discover a shorter and better way,

I will bang my head against a wall in every direction,

Will suffer wounds and, tired to death,

Will return home to Him

Who alone is “the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”

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