Colorado Bishops Rock!

Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains is secretly building a new headquarters and clinic in the Denver. Well, it was a secret. The Colorado bishops have caught wind of it, and today they issued a remarkably strong statement against Planned Parenthood, and in the process urging the faithful to use all legal and ethical means at their disposal to oppose their efforts.

Here is the statement published yesterday by the Colorado Catholic Conference:

We’re grateful to Archbishop Chaput and Bishops Sheridan and Tafoya for their outstanding leadership, and we pray that their efforts to expose the agenda of Planned Parenthood for what it truly is will be blessed.

CUF members, especially those in Colorado, who desire more information on Planned Parenthood and guidance as to things that can be “legally and ethically” done to oppose this leading abortion provider are encouraged to contact CUF at

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  1. The opposing of organizations like Planned Parenthood that advocate “abortion rights” through legal means will continue till doomsday unless, at some point, we are successful at persuading the members of the “abortion rights” movement to recognize the right to life of the unborn. Legal protections of the unborn will not be long for the world unless hearts and minds are opened to the dignity and holiness of life, from conception until natural death. Beyond merely be opposing these groups, should we not also be talking to them? Hospitable and charitable dialogue would seem to be a prerequisite for any lasting success for the pro-life movement and for the lives of the unborn.

  2. Hi Kyle! Good to hear from you. Thanks for sharing these insights.

    Surely pro-life advocacy cannot be reduced to merely opposing evil monoliths like Planned Parenthood. Indeed, such advocacy is usually most effective when it is extended, as you suggest, personally and charitably to real-life individuals.

    If the leadership of Planned Parenthood were to have a change of heart, God be praised. But, I think it’s fair to say that those with vested interests in the abortion industry (with notable exceptions, like Dr. Bernard Nathanson) will likely be among the last to be won over. Even so, I agree honest, charitable discussion with them should always be encouraged.

    However, most people are not directly involved with Planned Parenthood and, if they knew the full truth about the organization, they would be less likely to be lulled into supporting its agenda. In this case, Planned Parenthood has been less than forthright as to its activities in Colorado, while continuing to hold itself out as a pro-woman, pro-family organization. It’s deceptive tactics and evil activities should be brought to light for what they truly are–surely not with inflammatory rhetoric, but also without sugar-coating. The Colorado bishops did just that.

    Also, the battle for hearts surely has a political and legal dimension that plays itself out in real time. Unfortunately, we can’t simply call a “truce” and obtain a moratorium on abortion while we try to win over Planned Parenthood and the rest of what we might call the “sexual left.” There are important battles to be fought and children to be saved even though the war is far from over.

    As it is, the sexual left continuously imposes its will on the public through the savvy use of the political process and an unfortunate “marriage of convenience” with the broader spectrum of economic and social liberals, often with the complicity of poorly formed (and informed) Catholics.

    We have not only a right, but indeed a duty to oppose this agenda through appropriate legal and political means, even as the ongoing, underlying work of evangelization, catechesis, and “dialogue” continues. This is perennial Church teaching, but the Colorado bishops have done the faithful in the Rocky Mountains a real service in the way they have applied these principles to this particular situation.

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