Champions in Black and White

The Diocese of Pittsburgh has put together a pretty snazzy vocations Web site,

They definitely know their audience. Case in point: Knowing that most Pittsburghers are die-hard Steelers fans, the tagline at the bottom of the home page reads, “In a city that bleeds black and gold, we need champions to wear the black and white.”

One of my favorite parts of the site is the “Real Lives” section. A priest, as well as seminarians, tell their vocation stories. So does Bishop Zubik, the bishop of the Pittsburgh Diocese.

The FAQs present quick, solid answers to questions on discernment, sexuality & celibacy, and parents (as in, “What if my parents disagree that I should become a priest?”) Whoever wrote the FAQs also has a sense of humor. One of my favorites:

Can priests have mustaches?

The mustache, made popular by people such as Tom Selleck, has been donned by many great priests as well. So, yes, priests can have mustaches.

Definitely worth checking out.

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