Celebrating the Saints: Danny Abramowicz on the New Orleans Saints’ Superbowl Victory

From the Catholic News Agency, an interview with Danny Abramowicz. As a former New Orleans Saints player and coach, Abramowicz is celebrating the Saints’ Superbowl victory. In the interview, he said he was glad to watch a game with “no controversy” and which had “solid men of good character.” Abramowicz hosts EWTN’s show Crossing the Goal and is coauthor of the accompanying Playbook (Emmaus Road Publishing).

Danny Abramowicz, Catholic speaker and former New Orleans Saints player, has said the Saints’ Super Bowl victory on Sunday showed they were a “team with destiny.” The family quality of Sunday’s game made it more enjoyable and showed the benefit Christian values can bring to sports, he thought.

Abramowicz, a star wide receiver for the Saints from 1967 to 1973 and an offensive coordinator for the team in the late 1990s, discussed the American football championship game in a Monday interview with CNA.

Though the saints “should have lost” the NFC Championship game against the Minnesota Vikings and yesterday faced a 10-0 deficit just “being dominated” by the Indianapolis Colts, they came back under the leadership of Drew Brees.

“They were a team with destiny,” he remarked.

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  1. Every so often, the outcome of a sporting event makes me think that God does care who wins. Sometimes.
    Which reminds me of Lou Holtz’s quip, uttered minutes after Notre Dame pulled off a big upset of a stronger, faster football team : “God may not care who wins these games, but His mother does.”
    Maybe Our Lady has been punishing the Irish in recent years, since they have lost several games they should have won. It has been mortifying for ND’s fans and alumni, anyway.

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